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VIOFO A129 Dual Car Cam – Ideal for Uber And Minicab Drivers

Whilst I have already reviewed several Carcams the Viofo A129 is a brilliant new addition to the range.VIOFO A129 Carcam Duo

It allows you to record what is happening in front and behind you in excellent quality and all at a very reasonable price.

The camera comes complete with an installation kit which is simple to use and it only took me about ten minutes to get it up and running. That included hiding the wires to the power supply and also the connection from the front to the rear cameras.

I had some doubts about the adhesive patch that securde the cameras to the windscreen, but I neadn’t have worried. I would challenge anyone to dislodge them accidentally.

Once installed the cameras are there to stay.

Picture Quality

I have to take my hat off to this , the quality of the A129 video and stills was brilliant.

My usual test of driving close to an on-coming vehicle ( safely) and checking camera canread  the number plate.

The A129 passed with flying colours.

This test is a favourite of mine ever since I had my wing mirror smashed off  by an oncoming car.

I had stopped to let him through when he hit me and just drove off.

The mirror was replaced, by his insurance,  with the help of the police and the carcam video.

The rear camera is also beautifully clear and this is often more useful than the forward facing one.

Clear LCD display

The in car display is very clear but I found it almost unusable because, when mounted on my front window, the angle points down to such an extent that I find it hard to see it. This is not helped by bright sun light shining into the car.

One point when securing the front Cam, if you are fixing it to the glass is to leave room to the right of the base.

This is because the camera head and the cables slide into the unit from the right and if the base is too close to your central column you won’t be able to slide the camera unit into the base.

It may just be that my model was intended for right hand drive vehicles.

You can easily overcome the difficulty in seeing the screen by using the bluetooth connection to your phone.

Hard Wiring

If you want to monitor your car while it is parked up and catch anyone hitting it, on say a car park or whenever you are away from it, then you will need to have the camera hard wired into your vehicle.

The camera that I received did not have a kit for this but as I test several types I would not want to hard wire them. This is a job best left to an auto-mechanic.

Main Features

  • Dual channel full HD recording
  • Simple Home Installation
  • Dual band wifi connection
  • GPS Logger – Optional ( gives exact location)
  • G-Sensor motion detection
  • Quick release mount
  • Bluetooth emergency remote ( optional )


While I do have these reservations they can all be overcome and do not detract from the great performance of the unit.

Viofo A129 gap

  • Cables and camera slide in from the right – make sure that you leave enough room when mounting the front camera base. See picture to the right.
  • Angle of camera makes it difficult to see – with the angle of my screen it points down – no swivel.
  • The led’s for record etc are not very bright – they and the screen are difficult to see when the sun is behind them.



Great value f0r money. All the features that you could want, to record both in-front and behind your hire car, Uber or family car. At a starting price of around £ 136.99 it represents great value.

or Click Here to Buy from Amazon

I have only reviewed the basic dual camera model, there are other bells and whistles available so you should be able to fulfil even the most demanding requirements.

Or just stick with a simple to use, good quality Duo camera system.

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