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UK’s Desperate Search for an Uber Alternative – NOW!

My intention when setting up this blog was to provide valuable information for Uber drivers and those thinking of joining the rideshare giant. Not to look for an Uber alternative

As you might imagine I was very much pro-Uber.

I am finding it much harder to stay that way with each passing day.

Uber are heading toward the abyss ably assisted by their leadership.

Uber don’t know what people are.

Bad Uber finalI appreciate that the long term aim of the company is to replace all city drivers with automated cars.

But they haven’t done it yet.

And until they do they will have to realise that they are dealing with living humans with hopes, fears and families.

This driver-less world will probably be a long time coming, held back not so much by technical problems but by legal and insurance issues.

Robot law is a rapidly developing specialisation that will hold back, if not stop the march of automatons.


200,000 Apps deleted in protest

The recent Uber protest ” #deleteuber ” resulted in 200,000 Apps being deleted in protest.

These are not disgruntled drivers but rather their customer the Uber client.

This is just another example of the we don’t give a shit for people attitude that Uber seniority appear to display.

Travis’s big BooBoo

Many drivers are speaking out about the low wages and poor working conditions as an Uber X partner. With great timing the head, Travis Kalanick, of Uber gets into an argument with one of his “employees” or is he a “customer” who buys time on an App.

Would you believe this guy has the nerve to complain that he’ can’t make enough money and to his credit he stays calm whilst Travis gets verbally stuck into him.

Watch it here Kalanick-v-Kamel      Uber Court case uk

You can learn a lot from this clip especially that Travis only cares about Uber Black the others are not important.

Even though this driver, Fawzi Kamel, is rapidly going bust.

Kalanick has apologized but it is too little too late we have all noted his opinion.

Great Idea – Shit Implementation

When I was learning business I was told that if you could look at an existing service or product and improveit in one or two areas where it was lacking – you had a winner.

Now, Uber found twenty or more areas where the Taxi and car- hire business where lacking and in one fell swoop it solved them all.

A deserved winner.

But not for long if this lack of consideration for humans continues.

The current appeal in the UK will be dragged out in the hope that they can get to the automaton state before they lose this battle.

The UK will not work for peanuts and doing a poor imitation of the current US president will cut no ice with the British.

A new Uber Alternative is the only answer

We need an App based service that can compete and yet provide a living wage and the rights that go with it.

The bad news for Uber is that it will include a living wage, National Insurance, UK Tax Payments, Holiday Pay, Maternity Leave, Pensions etc.

If your reading Mr Kalanick I bet that’s making your head spin.

As I don’t think Uber are about to do this we need a new  “human” system.

Brush up on your English

Ubers response to the requirement for an English speaking test was that it would neem the 33,000 minicab drivers in London would be out of work.

I think over here we call that a racist comment. Don’t we Mr trump.

So that’s it.

Thinking caps on

Dragons get out of you den, here’s the challenge and for the successful – loads of money.

For existing Uber drivers I’m watching and you’ll be the first to know when I find a good Uber alternative.








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