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UK Uber Drivers Offered New Benefits Package

Who would believe it – Benefits from Uber?Uber Drivers Benefits

Uber have already been taken to court for not treating it’s drivers as employees and the appeal is still awaited. In the meantime Uber drivers continue with no benefits or support.

But Now It’s changing.

In an unexpected move Uber are offering it’s drivers a small pack of benefits. It may not be a lot, but it’s a step in the right direction.

What are Uber Offering

The offer, which was made public on Thursday the 27th April 2017 provides a measure of illness and injury cover.

The individual driver will have to contribute to the optional cover but Uber will be paying in as well.

So what do you get?

The cover provides the following which is available through the IPSE or Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed”

Driver’s who join the scheme will also get free advice from the IPSA on Mortgages, pensions and savings.

The driver will have limited cover for Sickness, Injury and Jury Service.

Here are details of the basic items:

Note Cover only applies if the driver is off the road for two weeks or more.

  • Due to Injury or illness – Payment Up to £2,000
  • For Jury Service – Payment up to £ 2,000
  • Accident on the Job ( whilst working) – £ 300.00 per week up to 52 weeks
  • Accidental Death – £ 50,000.00

What will it Cost Uber Drivers?

The cost to the driver will be £2.00 per week with the rest of the estimated £8.00 per week being found by Uber.

Do you Qualify?

All Uber drivers who are active and have over 500 trips under their belt are illegible to apply.

For more information visit the IPSE site


Well I’m sure you’d agree that in it’s self it’s no big deal, but.

It is a step in the direction of showing care and an interest in the well being of it;s drivers.

At the same time there are extra bits of driver training becoming available. I haven’t seen these yet but every step forward is one to be celebrated.

I have been concerned for some time with the motivation and well being of drivers and for my part I will be stressing positive, not negative aspects of Uber in the news.

I have spoken to several drivers who are having problems with depression so I will be doing a full post on that soon.

Until then- Chins up lads.




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