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Uber’s Decision Day is here

All Arguments Heard

In the Uber versus Tfl hearing all the arguments were heard by 1:00 PM today and the Chief Magistrate Emma  Taxify ProblemsArbuthnot is now considering her decision.

This should be known by 5:00 PM today.

So we all wait with baited breath.

The Alternatives

As you probably know most of the arguments hinges around Ubers poor record of reporting offences.

For this they have appologised and offered to make several improvements.

As we all know the changes of leadership within Uber have brought a more responsible and responsive management style.

Mr Tom De la Mere, speaking for Uber had originally sought an 18 month trial period in which to prove that they can come up to the required standard.

However, Mrs arbuthnot has already said that she does not feel able to consider this length of trial.

In response Mr De la mere is now asking for a 15 months.

So in a nut shell Uber will get a license for 15 months or be rejected yet again.

These look to be the only alternatives.

I will be back again as soon as I hear the result.

Uber driver Earnings

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