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UBER Win London Licence for 15 Months

We’re all back in business Uber Win Final

The decision is in.

Uber are fit to run their business in London.

That is the decision of  Mrs Arbuthnot and that is final!

In my view that is a win for Uber and all it’s drivers.

Even though Lft had said that they would consider this outcome a win for themselves.

Although the licence will be reviewed in 15 months and there are several conditions that must be met it will give Uber and YOU it’s drivers time to ensure it’s renewal beyond this term.

The battle will go on

There will be conditions to be complied with in addition to Uber agreeing to pay all of Tfl’s legal costs for the appeal process.

This licence is only Probationary and I look forward to doing an article soon outlining all of the conditions to be met.

The battle to decide whether drivers are employees or not will no doubt continue but things could have been far worse as we end today.

I hope now that others such as Taxifi and Lyft will be encouraged to pursue activities in the UK.

Only when there is competition,between such companies, for drivers will the pay and conditions of  all you guys  make a significant improvement.

It’s a good day guys.

Happy Ubering

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