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Uber Drivers – What will 2018 Bring?

With Uber struggling to regain it’s operating license in London and with two competitors poised to join the in the fight for the hearts and minds of the Transport for London, what will 2018 hols for you the drivers?

Sorry GuysUber 2018

I have a confession. I have not spoken to you for some time and for this I apologise.

The reason has been that I was waiting in the hope that there would be some sort of end to the problems between Uber and Tfl, but no such luck.

With Ubers appeal and other subsequent appeals set to go on for months, or maybe even years, I have decided that I should get on with finding ways to help you guys to make more money.

Before I do I would like to share my thoughts on what 2018 will bring.

If there are any important news items I will let you know at the time.

Otherwise this is the coming year as I see it.

Uber will Soldier on

With the next hearing set by judge Emma Arbuthnot set for June 25th 50 29th this year you could be forgiven for thinking that all will be decided then.

Scheduled for only five days a conclusion is unlikely.

The European Court has said that Uber must be regulated which in short means they would have to obey Taxi rules and licensing requirements.

Tfl are also investigating the failure of Uber to report criminal offenses, the use of “greyball” software to evade authorities and failures in handling medical records.

They certainly like a fight.

For you, the Uber partners, it will be business as usual although bad publicity may result in a loss in the number of app users.

Competition on the Horizon

Now lets look on the bright side.Uber Court case uk

Two new operators both similar in some ways to Uber are standing in the wings.

They are Taxify and Lyft.

They are both App based operators who claim not to be employers ( where have we heard that before) and so will take on that part of  battle alongside Uber.

They are, most importantly, more ethical and socially acceptable than Uber.

As they will probably figure more in 2018 lets take a quick look at where each one  is up to now.


I have mentioned these in the past.

They have a UK presence but decided to pause any operation after the Tfl revoked Uber operating License.

The are looking to raise an additional $50million in the first Quater of 2018, to fund expansion.

Currently they are trying to win over drivers by treating them better and only taking 15% commission which leaves you with 10% more than Ubers 25% change.

I would recommend that you are prepared and sign up. After all you can work for more than one company. It is common for drivers in the States to drive for two or three Apps.

They are in talks with Tfl so watch out for news.


Lyft are big in the USA and in many other parts of the world.

Again like Taxify Lyft would be a better employer, however, they have no registered company in the UK and no private hire licenses.

They are worth about $7.5billion.

So why do I think that they will figure in the UK in 2018?

There have been seven discussions between the MD of  Tfl Leon Daniels and Lyfts Head of Global Policy Mike Masseman between November 2016 and November 2017 some of which were visits.

What should you do in 2018?

Wait and watch is the order of the day.

Sign up to Taxify and Lyft if they start to recruit in the UKHow Much do Uber drivers make ££

Do everything you can to make more money from you current position.

For my part I will only report on important news items as I know that you don’t have time for trivia.

My future, regular posts will be dedicated to sharing ways of making more money from your driving for Uber.

In my opinion you will soon have alternatives to Uber and they will be better, so I recommend hanging on, making the best of the current situation.

Oh! and of course following the Rideshare UK Blog.

Have a great 2018

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