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Uber Drivers – Increase Your Income


Maximum Ridesharing Profits is a video based course for, all Uber drivers, aimed at showing you how to Increase Your Income over night without working longer hours.Uber make more money

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are you’ll find stuff in here that is bound to increase your Uber income.

Already hugely popular in the USA, where it was created, I wanted to have a good look to see if it would work for the UK so here’s my review.

Ever had a Bad Day?

Do you ever have a Bad Day? when you just feel that things should be going so much better than they are.

You should have had more rides and have pocketed more income from them, but you didn’t.

May be you are doing something wrong or missing a trick.

Perhaps you need a bit of fresh input to get the profits flowing a sort of Ubering eye-opener.

Harry and Brian think hat they have the answer, in fact almost all the answers, but is Maximum Ridesharing Profits the course for UK based drivers?

Maximum rideshare profits

Isn’t it an American Course?

I wanted to get this out of the way right up front

Yes it is American and there are some bits that won’t apply to the UK. But for the most part it all works here just as well as in has done in the States.

In fact you can gain an advantage from being a UK user by mastering the techniques from the course long before other drivers in the UK can catch up.

The main difference between the two countries is that in the US there are other rideshare companies especially Lyft and you can work for both ( often at the same time). Here in the UK we only have Uber although other taxi Apps are sprouting up from time to time.

So just ignore references to Lyft or Sidecar for now and remember that competitors to Uber will probably setup in the future and then you will be in an ideal position to take advantage.

Who are the Creators?The Rideshare Guys

Harry Campbell – is the author of the Rideshare Guy and is himself an established Uber driver with a wealth of experience.

Not only has he learnt the hard way but he has taught a whole load of drivers how to get more out of their work.

Brian Cole – with over 2000 trips under his belt Brian is one of Cincinnati’s top Uber and Lyft Partners.

In addition he is the owner of one of the largest YouTube Rideshare Channels.

So what’s in the course?

It’s everything you wanted to know about getting the best out of your Uber driving job.

Every Video and there are nine in all is packed with detailed information. What to do, when to do it and how to do it.

There is nothing left to chance.

In fact it’s double the value, because you get the Silver and Gold courses as one purchase.

To give you some idea here is a brief look at the content.

Rideshare course

Everything in the course is of interest to UK drivers with the possible exception of section 3 in the Silver course and section 5 in the Gold.

As I mentioned before the first of these ( which service should you drive for? ) is not relevant here because Uber does not have a major UK competitor in the way that Lyft is in the USA.

You can watch this section just out of interest and also because I’m sure that there will be others Uber competitors in the future. When this happens you will be able to put these techniques to good use.

Section 5 in the gold course is packed with help in sorting out your tax returns. The UK Tax situation is slightly different and I will produce an info sheet to clarify the differences.

Does this effect the value?

Not at all.

I can’t remember the last time that I found so much useful information in one place so I think a small amount of content that you may not use is a very small price to pay.

After all whats the alternative, hours of trying to re-invent the wheel when you could be applying the latest techniques and enjoying the benefits of Maximum Ridesharing Profits

Section by Section

OK I won’t go through each part telling you what’s in it, as I’m sure Harry and Brian wouldn’t like that, but there are some things that really struck me.

I am as guilty as anyone of thinking I know it all and when following this course there were some points that I already knew.

That’s inevitable in a course that covers the needs of all levels of Uber partner, from beginner to hardened top gun.

Having said that there is a wealth of information and stacks of “tricks of the trade”.

It is these money making hacks that stand out.

There are also some bonus sections including a tools section on the Silver course and a really great collection of talks and Q & A sessions with Uber drivers on the Gold.

I was delighted to see that the first talk was with Abdo a London Uber Partner.

Something extra for the UK.


In Short

You’ve already put your money into a car, Insurance and qualifying to be an Uber driver so it’s a no-brainer to get the most out of your investment.

Whether you are already an UK Uber driver or you are considering becoming one this course should be compulsory reading.

Harry and Brian are two of the worlds most respected Uber driver/writers and have put a lot of effort and years of experience into their creation.

The material goes straight to the point, no fluff or padding just techniques that you can put into effect straight away.

If you are concerned that it is produced for the US market, forget it. I would estimate that 95% of the content applies to UK drivers and that makes it well worth the investment.

Like all great products once you’ve used the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course you won’t be able to imagine how you managed before.

Personally, if each course were several times the cost of the combined offer I would still get them and work smarter not longer.

Talking of working clever I can’t think of a more sound investment than $ 97.00   ( about £ 75.00  depending on exchange rate and method of purchase) for a course that could increase your income not only now but on into the future.

On a sombre note: I have heard so many Uber partners complain that, the pay is too low, they can’t make a living and that they earn less than the minimum wage after working long hours.  I really am sorry for anyone in that situation and I can’t help wishing that this course had been available to them and that they had invested in it.


Go get it.

It’s that simple. Whether you are an experienced Uber driver or you are considering becoming one this is an investment you simply can’t afford to miss-out on.

I can’t think of anything that you could find that is as capable of changing your Uber fortunes as this course.


You can now get the Silver course and the Gold together for the one off price of the Silver course.

This can’t last forever so nows the time to boost your income.

Virtually all the techniques can be put in place quickly and will either increase your income, save you time or keep you out of trouble.

Why not use the link below to access the Course?

If you do we earn a small commission which helps to keep this site free for you to use.

And you earn our thanks.

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