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Uber Drivers Wanted by Taxify – It could be You


Taxify to Take on Uber in London

As Uber faces the appeal against the court ruling, which is only six weeks away, they are now threatened by a new ridehail competitor – Taxify.Taxifi cars 1

Taxify which has a similar app to that of Uber has been backed by Didi Chuxing.

According to Finn Geraghty, the UK Ops manager for Taxify they are already signing up Uber drivers by the thousands.

It’s hardly surprising when you consider that they propose to charge the same amount as Uber but will only take 15% from the driver, where Uber takes 25%.

Can Taxify Provide Enough Work?

Initially this could be a problem.

Taxify is only at the driver recruiting stage and with the amount of Didi investment not known we can’t tell how fast they will be able to attract fares.

Didi may not be known by many in the UK, but they have 400 million signed up to their taxi, minibus and bike sharing services, worldwide.

Taxify have applied for a London operating license and have opened a training office near to Kings Cross station.

For the time being drivers may well have to sign up for both Uber and Taxify taking the better paid work first and only signing on to Uber when the alternative has no work for them.

This is very common in the states where many drivers work for both Uber and Lyft.

I would then imagine that as Taxify gain passengers drivers will migrate to working for them full time.


Is Uber Fighting Back?

Well, they are certainly doing something.

They have brought in some new measures but it’s impossible to tell if these are aimed at improving their image before the upcoming court appeal, or, are they preparing to take on Taxify.

Taxify car TeslaThese new changes are:

  • The introduction of tipping charges.
  • The introduction of cancellation charges after 2 minutes ( previously 5 min’s)
  • Waiting Charges of 20p per min to be introduced on 22 August
  • Drivers to have more control over which trips they take
  • Performance rating will not suffer where the customer has been angered by something that was not the drivers fault.

All good stuff, but come on 15% as opposed to 25% I know where I’d be headed.

As soon as I have more news I’ll let you know.

Happy Driving

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