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Uber Boss Kalanick Steps Down – What does it mean for Uber UK?

Two incredible bits of Uber news this week.Kalanick steps down

  • Travis Kalanick the CEO of Uber has stepped down.
  • and Uber announces ” 180 Days of Change”

Yes, just as I had started to get my head round the fact Uber are to implement 180 days of change, an item that would be big news for all Uber watchers when blow me the big man himself, Travis Kalanick, steps down as CEO.

180 Days of Change

Thats Ubers own description of a period of reshaping the business.

Last month they did quite well only loosing $708 million.

When I say they did well I mean better than the $991 Million they lost in the month before.

If you want to know what it’s about here are Ubers own words “A few moments ago, we sent this email to all drivers and delivery partners in the US. For the next 180 days (and beyond), we’ll be making meaningful changes to the driving experience. Some changes will be big, some will be smallーall will be changes drivers have asked for. Why now? Because it’s the right […]”

So now you know.

Although it doesn’t necessarily follow that everything taking place in the States will happen over here I would be very surprised if we don’t end up with a lot of these changes.

Will Drivers be Better Off

As yet it is not possible to know what is planned, if anyone has planned anything yet, but it is likely that the changes will be aimed at bringing Uber closer to break even on a month by month basis.

So no reduction in the money it takes from it’s drivers.

There may well be some improvements in conditions especially in the light of the current court appeal.

The only thing announced so far is the introduction of tipping.

If there is an increase in the charges to passengers it is most likely that it will go to improve Ubers finances and not the drivers.

“Stepped Down” another Expression  for Pushed

It was the action of five major share holders that resulted in the decision by Kalanick to step down.

They have been increasingly unhappy with his action s and attitudes.

In any event he won’t be lonely at home as he shares his new found spare time with several other high ranking Uber people.

These include President – Jeff Jones, Head of Communications – Rachael Whetstone the president of growth – Ed Baker and lastly senior Vice President Ed Baker.

They all resigned and will be joined by Anthony Lewandowski and Anil Sinhal who didn’t even get chance to hand in their notices.

Big upheavals in the highest ranks.

I wouldn’t expect the replacements,when they are known, to cause a great softening of Ubers attitude to employees’.

There is already talk of reductions in the drivers Quest/Boost pay.

It Can’t all be Bad

Alongside actions to make Uber more financially sound and attractive for investment there must be some changes that Uber drivers will like.

A large part of the monthly loss is due to the cost of continually replacing disgruntled drivers and this must be brought under control.

It is estimated that half of the Uber partners ( drivers) leave every year.

This is a huge cost in time and money. To reach their financial goals the new higher ups will want to maintain the approximately 15 million rides per day, world wide.

It looks as though the new top team will have to bring about two conflicting results. That’s not going to be an easy task for any management team.

One thing is for sure.

There are interesting times ahead for us all.

As soon as hear anything I’ll let you know.

Safe Driving


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