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The Taylor Report – What it Means for Uber Drivers

What is the Taylor Report? What does it recommend?  How will it affect Uber drivers?

Let’s take a look at the report and its implications. Taylor Report


What is the Taylor Report

Well here it is, the Taylor Report.

116 pages which end with 7 principles for the future of the “Gig economy”

I will go through the seven principles in a minute but first who is “Taylor”

Obviously he was tasked to produce a report about, what we have come to refer to as, the Gig economy.

He is Matthew Taylor and was an advisor to Tony Blair.

He has produced this report which may influence the current appeal, in the high court, by Uber but it lays down no rules and creates no laws.

Its only power is to recommend.


You are a “Dependent Contractor”

The first thing to come out of the report is the establishment of this new employment status and guess what you are now a dependent contractor.

We had better get used to this title as it will be flying around a heck of a lot in the near future.

The recommendations affect all types of work so it’s not just us Uber guys although I think we will be the first to become involved with it.

This is a new status, or should I say recognition of a status, which includes all people who are employed between Self Employed and Fully Employed.

Basically it is Self Employment with benefits and rights provided by the “employer”.

So what’s New?

It is estimated that there are 1.1 Million people who will fall into the “dependent contractor” category in the UK.

Personally I can only see it as a non event until such time as it is used to construct law or procedure.

The main feature comes at the end of the report, on virtually the last page, and is the seven Point Plan.

My first problem is how it can be a plan with no time scales or methods of implementation is just a wish list.

Anyway here is a shortened version of the 7 Point Plan. Please note the red typed bits are just my personal thoughts:

  1. We should aim for “good work”, a basic principle that should apply to all forms of work. This should include baseline protection and fair taxation across all kinds of employment. Technology must be embraced.
  2. We must recognise platform based working ( Uber is your platform). It must be fair to those employed, their employers and their competitors.
  3. The Law should provide protection for “dependent contractors”. This will be interesting when some Law arrives.
  4. Better conditions should be achieved by good management and strong employment relations not by National Negotiations. ( This sounds as though nothing will be put into law )
  5. There should be realistic and attainable ways to strengthen future work prospects for individuals.
  6. Develop a more proactive approach to workplace health.
  7. The National Living wage should be only a base line. Employers, employees and stakeholders should come together to ensure the individuals are not stuck on the living wage minimum and are secure.

Yes Folks  that’s it.

As you can imagine with 116 pages there is a lot more to be studied and I will let you know if I find more bits of interest.

If you want to download your own copy click here.


I hope it didn’t cost a lot to produce I could of got it done on Fiver.

In my opinion it is vague and lacks direction. It forms set of weak “could do’s” that will change nothing.

Please use the comments area at the bottom of this article to let me know what you think.

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