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Rideshare UK – News Roundup- week ending 22nd Jul 2016



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1. Uber UK in Court

In my opinion the most important story of the week has been the court case brought by James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam, two Uber drivers who claim that they are Uber ” Employees”.

The case at the moment appears to revolve around wording used by Uber in the past.

Thomas Linden the QC representing the two Uber drivers quoted a claim by Uber that they ” generaet tens of thousands of jobs in the UK.

WHOOPS !                                                                    Uber Court case uk

They should have said “economic opportunities to earn money”, Jo Bertram of Uber claimed.

The argument about the real role of Uber is set to continue on Friday (July 22nd) so I guess there will be more of this in next weeks roundup.

Some interesting figures did come out of the debate:

From a poll of 551 drivers 72% ( that’s just under three quarters to me ) use Their Uber system for less than 40 hours per week. Over 50% use it to Supplement their main income and not as a full living.

The Outcome of this case is of huge importance to Uber in the UK.

If they are found to be employers it would change everything that they do and could even be a fatal bloe to their business in the UK.

2. Amazon to Provide Uber Styled Delivery Service

Well it was obvious that the Uber principal would turn up in the delivery sector as it is rather disorganised and a prime target.

Thousands of independent drivers already work within this sector but there has been little done to bring American styled organisation to their activities.

Amazon has announced the start of Amazon Flex which will control drivers via a Smart-phone App which will also enable the customer to check exactly where their delivery is.

Rideshare Uk amazonAmazon expect to pay between £13.00 to £15.00 per hour dependent on the distance involved.

The service will be part of the Prime same day service.

This includes 15,000 products that can be delivered within the hour ( yes the hour ).

Adverts are believed to have already started on Gumtree and Craigs List for the Birmingham area.

Amazon have between Uber who have not yet launched ” Uber-Rush” their delivery services.

This should be an interesting situation in the future, so watch this space.

Just as a last thought Amazon describe their service as enabling ” an operator to be your own boss”.

Do I smell another court case ( See the previous news item).

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3. Uber To Have High-Resolution Mapping

Uber have joined with Digital Globe who are a leading space imagery company.

Using Constellation Sensors ( whatever they are) they will be able to provide a higher resolution map.

This means an end to the little cars going round in circles, your app, because they don’t know exactly where they are.

It will also improve the determination of pickup points.

This is not the first time that Uber have been involved in this type of deal.

Last year they acquired deCarte who provide mapping information.

It would however appear that this was more to do with the development of autonomous vehicle ( the driver-less cars that will take your job or should it be Business).

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4. Uber not launching in Stafford or Cannock Chase

Uber has confirmed that it has no plans to launch in the above two areas.

There had been expectations that they would after the announcement to serve the Black Country made in May of this year.

In order to extend the service to an are the operator must first obtain a License from the local council.

In the case of Stafford and Cannock this has not been done.


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