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Uber Driver Resources

Select by myself to help Uber Drivers to get more form their driving


Driving GuideMaximum Ridesharing rideshare money savingProfits

An online video Course that teaches you  advanced money making Techniques.



The most Competative Rideshare Driver Insurance Quotes

Insurance for Uber drivers is far from cheap. So it pays to get quotes from several of the top insurers.

We looked for an Insurance comparison site that had specialised knowledge and I would advise any driver or potential driver to check out a quote from Quotezone

Rideshare books



BAD UBER by  Charles Brickfield

When I bought this book I expected yet another story of American Uber drivers.Bad Uber

What a pleasant suprise it’s about a new Uber driver in London. Yes! Uk prices and everything.

If you want a break from serious Uber reading this is an amusing collection of drivers stories to read whilst you wait for your next fare.

Bad Uber: The Diary of an Uber Driver