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Problem Halts Taxify Launch – Outcome could Cost All Ridehale Drivers

Taxify ProblemsThe launch of Taxify was halted on Friday amidst a claim by ” Transport for London”, the local regulator,  that Taxify had not obtained a proper Operating Licence.

Taxify  has signed up 3,000 drivers and Boasts 30,000 downloads of it’s App by potential new customers.

What has Gone Wrong with Taxify?

Taxify are hoping to sort out the problem in the near future and I will be looking forward to announcing a breakthrough as soon as it happens.

The founder and chief executive of Taxify Mr Markus Villig has responded in a blog where he said he was “surprised” by the most hostile regulatory body we have ever encountered”, he went on to accuse TFL (Transport for London) of doing “everything in their power to keep the current private hire monopoly in place”.

This is a surprising attitude from TFL toward a ridehail company who will be paying it’s drivers considerably more than their competitor Uber.

The problem arose over the acquisition of a company called City Drive Services by Taxify.

The claim is that Taxify have licensed their software to City Drive Services, an existing company with TFL approval.

TFL may Increase Fees

Presently the London Authority charges £ 2,826 for a five year operating licence but they are considering charging this for each driver individually.

That’s us guys, can you imagine another almost three grand to find.

This will give Uber a bill for over £ 2 Million

TFL are considering this increase due to the large growth in the number of private hire cars on the London streets in recent years.


If Taxify don’t get a licence,  one that covers all it’s drivers, then it’s bad news for everyone.

In the meantime Uber has been given a three month Licence while TFL look into the situation.

No matter who you drive for this is going to affect you.

Have you got a spare £ 2,826?

I think I know the answer.

I’ll bring you more as it happens

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