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Petrol Price Apps – Save a load on fuels costs

For Uber, taxi, minicab or Van drivers fuel is a major cost. It comes straight out of your Pocket so make sure that you get the cheapest available wherever you are. Use Petrol Price Apps.

You may know the price of fuel at all your local petrol stations but what if you have to fill up when you are miles away.

Are you always aware of offers that could save you a shed load of money over the course of a month or a year.

What do Petrol Price Apps do ?

The simplest ones simply show you the prices of petrol from all the petrol stations that are near to you current location.

Some have other useful tools on them but for now I’m just looking at saving money on petrol.

Just  before I start looking at those available can I just mention that you will need to ensure that you get the right one for your phone. That id Android for all Android based phones and ioS is for all the Apple based devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Please make sure that you get the right one for you.

So lets look at what there is available and how they stack up against each other.

Petrol Price Pro

A great little app but, right now, it is only available in the ioS ( Apple format) although an Android version is   expected  soon  so it’s worth checking.


It’s so simple to use you simply start the app and it checks around where you are to give you the best petrol prices. So even if you are miles from home the best value fuel is at hand.

the data is drawn from 11,000 petrol stations across the UK

The cost of this is £ 2.99 per year. You can’t fail to make that back.

You can down load this app from the app store on your mobile phone or other Apple device.

Petrol  Prices UK

Petrol Prices apps 2

Before I mention anything else, this little App is FREE you simply download it and away you go.

The App will show the prices at 8490 petrol stations in the UK.



Get Petrol Prices UK for ioS here


Get Petrol Prices UK for Android here





Again there is a free version or for £0.71 you can have the premium.

whatgas 3   what gas 2

You simply tap on any station to find out all of it’s fuel prices.

One problem is that the information relies on users to update it and so some may be bang up to date whilst other are weeks or more old.

On the plus side it is available for both android and apple devices.

Get WhatGas for Android here

and for ioS here

More Expensive Options

There are other options but they are largely incorporated into systems with several other features.

Here are three you may wish to look up and an indication of the cost.

  1. Co Pilot Premier – At £13.99 it is available for ioS and Android.It includes a very good SatNav.
  2. AA Silver – From the AA, of course. This will costs you £ 30.00 per year. This is an addition to the free route planner app from the AA. Unfortunately you can only get the fuel guide on the silver and gold upgrades.


The most important thing is to get one of them they can save you many times their cost even if you opt for one of the more expensive ones.

With fuel prices, especially diesel, set to rise then anything you can save is worth having.

My favorite is the Petrol Price Pro. at £ 2.99 per year you just can’t go wrong.

Happy Ubering

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