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Tesco Club Card adds Uber to Rewards

Tesco are issuing new Club Cards.

They will be contact-less cards so that you can use your points without vouchers and without actually touching the reader.

That’s all very well but the bit that interests us is that Tesco Club card points can now be used to pay for Uber Cab journeys.

Great news guys and gals. It is bound to bring in some extra work but as you might expect some people aren’t happy.

Yes you probably guessed it’s the Black Cab drivers.

21,000 of them in London alone are not happy.

In fact they’re so unhappy that they are thinking of boycotting Tesco.

Now I wouldn’t expect that many of them have to time to do the weekly shop so I can only assume that they will not take customers to or from Tesco’s.

This is where you come in. No more lines of taxis outside Tesco and at Tesco’s petrol pumps I assume.

You probably wouldn’t believe it but the Tesco rewards card has been around for 23 years and has now 16.5 million users.

We will have to wait and see if they really are going to shoot themselves in the foot over this.

In any eventuality it’s got to be good for Uber Drivers.

Uber Face more Flack over Pay & Conditions

As Uber await their appeal against the tribunal judgement

the Government is to produce a report on the “Gig Economy”.

That’s us guys, plus many others.

It looks as though everyone’s getting in on the act.

The Department of Transport has said that it will set up  working party ahead of the Gig economy report.

Uber has been described as ” a destructive force in many peoples living standards”, by Mr frank Field chairman of the Commons committee on Work and Pensions.

He also said that local authorities should set up guidelines or conditions for new operators.

It would appear that many local authorities conditions are unclear and that what should be minimum requirements are being interpreted as absolute requirements.

Though why all this is aimed at Uber and not a whole range of other businesses escapes me.

By the way the report was due in  early June but has not appeared nor is there any new date for publication.

Maybe it’ll never happen.


Uber revived by the Millenials

To start with if, like me, you are aware of millenials but uncertain as to exactly what they are.

They are people born after the early years of the 1980’s.

They are young adults and that’s about as accurate as it gets.

I’m sure that we would agree that Uber has had a prety crappy first half of 2017 culminating in 20 high level employees being dumped by various means.

Well, it’s not all bad despite all of this Uber increased the number of Millenial customers ( these people are our future) when compared to the same period of 2016.

This was the finding of YouGov Brand Index which was published on Wednesday.

26% of all millenials surveyed said that they had used the service in the last 60 days.

That’s up 8% on the previous year.

I can only conclude that despite everything you Guys and Gals out there are getting it right.

Happy Ubering

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