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Is it Curtains for Uber? – Where do we go from here?

It’s not going well is it?Uber Drivers End

An appeal against the earlier appeal and still no certainty about the future of the ridehail giant.

In the aftermath of the Tfl decision to suspend Uber’s operating licence there has been a rush to join other cab companies

Although none provide the same facilities ( or lack of therm ) that Uber do it’s a case of heading for cover for the 40,000 London Uber drivers.

Soon after the announcement that Uber had lost their operating credentials a rush to other hire car companies was claimed..

In the first week after the news broke downloads of the threemain  competitors apps were up by 159% it was claimed ( by app Annie ).

For those who haven’t come across them before Addison Lee are an independent private-hire company and probably the most similar to Uber , but still very different.

MyTaxi claim to have outperformed the average of 159% they say they experienced a 250% increase and have experienced the highest earning week in the last few years.

MyTaxi’s own figures suggest the app outperformed App Annie’s estimates.

Addison Lee told the BBC it had experienced a 180% increase in downloads over the weekend following the announcement when compared with the previous weekend.

Gett said: “Since last week, we’ve seen a huge jump in the number of orders – one day last week we did 125% of our average ride volume.”

They felt that this increase was due to concerns about the competitors situations.

What Does this Mean for Uber Drivers?

If the above figures are true it’s of little help to all you guys out there.

You can’t just go and become a black cab driver, not with the infamous “Knowledge” test to get through not to mention buying a black cab. Although I got mine second hand many years ago they are few and far between.

Just to clear things up I also sold it many years ago and I am not a black cab driver these days. Thought I’d better clear that up.

Whilst I can sympathise and understand the reasons behind the action brought by the two London Uber partners it must seem like a shallow victory at this stage.

Faced with the current situation I suspect that many Uber drivers will head for the hills until the smoke clears. Many may join existing private hire companies or ( are you listening Guys) get together to form their own brand new outfits.

Let me know what you are doing

I would really like to know what you are doing to protect your income during these uncertain times, so please comment here and let me know.

Also if you are starting or running a business that can help Uber drivers please share it with us.

Maybe we can help each other to get through these difficulties.

In the meantime

Drive well

Uber driver Earnings

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