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How Much do Uber Drivers Make – In UK

If you are thinking of becoming an Uber driver, or if you are one already and you want to know how you’re doing, find out what the expected earnings are in the UK.

How do we know what is being earned?

It is very difficult to get accurate figures for the earnings of UK Uber drivers.money

So I have had to take two different routes.

  • Firstly I have looked at the figures quoted by UK drivers in and discussion groups over the last year.
  • I have drawn on a detailed survey of drivers in the USA conducted by Doug at “Ridesharing Driver” in the USA. many thanks for his help in this.

It would have been great just to take the USA figures and convert them from $ to £ but this simply doesn’t work.

There are a lot of differences between USA and the UK, for example the fuel cost here is twice that of fuel in the US.

And they think they’re hard done to.

So I have tried to allow for any differences. Having said that these figures are at best estimates.

And that’s where you come in.

This is Where You Can Help

When you have finished this article use the comment thingy at the bottom of the page to let me know about your approximate earnings.

I don’t want names and details.

I’m not the tax man. But your comments can help me and others. After all you know better than anyone else.

What do Uber Pay?

The usual quoted figures are Base £5.00, Per min £ 0.15, Per mile £1.25, Cancel £5.0, min charge £ 5.00.

having said this it of course varies dependant on where in the country you are and the time and it’s subject to surge and boost.

of course you then have to deduct Uber fees.

Earnings in the USA

Doug’s survey accross the pond gave these results: Don’t worry too much about the individual amounts it’s the trends that matter.

Hours Worked………..1,108

Completed Trip……….1,959

Miles driven…………..$21.035

fare earnings…….$ 20,217

Surge Earnings………$ 464.86

Other earnings……..223.00

Uber fees…………$ 5634

Gross earnings less fees   $ 17,435

This all works out to $ 15.73 per hour which is a UK equivalent of  £ 12.32 per hour.

That would be quite a good wage until we remember that we have not deducted the cost of the vehicle and several other additional costs.

To cut a long story short after estimated car expenses the driver ended up with $11.93/hr so in the states that answers the question how much does an Uber driver make?

This still didn’t include depreciation on the car and some less obvious costs.

So our American cousin comes out with $11.93/ hr or £ 9.34 before tax

How Much do Uber Drivers earn in the UK?

Putting these figures aside of a moment I obtained some figures from the UK.

Now, There were only a few but they didn’t look to be very different so I have taken this set from a driver in Manchester.

I don’t have his name but I thank him for this input.

He took three different lengths of time and recorded the following:

30 hours      earned £ 345 less ( £180 car, £40 fuel, £10 misc )  = earning £ 115     – £ 3.83/hr

40 hours     earned £ 460 less ( £180 car, £55 fuel, £ 20 Misc ) = earnings £ 210      £5.25/hr

50 hours     earned £ 575 less ( £ 180 car, £ 70 Fuel, £  20 misc-= earnings £ 305     £ 6.10/hr

How can we increase our earnings?

One thing that struck me from the American results was that only a small part of the earned income came from surge, boost and other extras.

86% came from basic fares.

My Conclusions

For what it’s worth my thoughts are:

  • Uber Drivers are Underpaid Fares will have to increase while Uber rates must decrease.
  • With all things taken into consideration it doesn’t even make the minimum wage
  • Other sources of income must be used to make best use of time.
  • Sell additional services where possible
  • Hunt out the prime jobs with surge or boost payments
  • Make sure that you are familiar with all techniques for upping your income visit these Videos

It’s not good reading but a necessary exercise.

If I’m wrong in any way, or if you can tell us how to earn more then I’d love to hear from you.

Please send me any earning details ( the more info the better) so that I can do a better report on UK Uber Pay for the future.

In the meantime Drive Safely

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