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Best Dash Cam for 2017 – Reviews

Every Uber driver needs one, but which is the best Dash Cam for 2017 ?The Best Dash Cam for 2017

It can save your no-claims bonus and even protect your license form undeserved points.

But which one is the best for you.

If you just want to see the results Jump Straight to the Review

With so many out there we take a look at the top six

and select the best.

Later I will be Reviewing

MIvue 518

Falcon Zero 170HQ

Nextbase 312 GW

MIvue 698

Transcend Drivepro 520

Saved by my Dash Cam

I recently discovered just how hard it can be when you are the subject of a false accusation and as an Uber driver, or any driver, you are an easy target. I was saved by my Dashcam.

I was stopped at a roundabout behind another car. A bit of a banger.

He set off and after checking it was clear I did the same. I was half on the roundabout when he suddenly stopped, put his car into reverse and backed into me.

As you can imagine I got out to have a word with him but straight away he accused me of failing to stop and hitting him.

I called the good old Police who, remarkably, were there in minutes ( the roundabout must have been near to a cafe).

The other driver reeled off his accusation but was stopped in his tracks when I pointed out the dash cam in the front window of my vehicle.

You would have thought that was that but I still had to go through a load of hassle including a police recorded interview.

It Could have Been Worse

Nextbase 312 GWA close mate of mine and quite an experienced Uber driver had allegations of racially motivated abuse levelled at him when he had treated the customer with respect despite them trying to demand a refund.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to defend yourself against any accusation and how easy it is for someone to bring a case against you.

The one weapon in your armory is a dashcam.

It can instantly halt any unjustified accusation and save you it’s weight in gold when you consider fines, lost time, legal fees, points on licenses etc etc.

Total peace of mind for well under £100.00.

Dash Cams are a Must Have

Uber Drivers must protect themselves form false accusations and blame. It is essential to have camera evidence inside and outside the cab otherwise you are at risk.

To help I have reviewed some of the most popular and best cameras that I could find.

I’ve included some info on the features of dash cams but if you are up  to speed on this you can cut straight to the camera review at the end of this article.

The Best Dash Cam for 2017 – What it does

My son and I both have dash cams but for different reasons.

There are lots of subtle difference between products but I thought I’d better take at look at the most basic first.

Suitable Dash cams for Uber Drivers come in two types:Best Dash Cam for 2017

  • Single – One camera facing forwards
  • Double- two cameras, one facing forward one to the rear.

The differences often go deeper than this. Single cameras are usually HD quality and often have features not usually found in the double variety. This includes Danger warning, speed camera warning .

The double dashcam is more convenient to fit but there is nothing to stop you using two single cameras especially if you are monitoring passengers, rather than the road, with the rear facing cam.

The double camera ties the timing of the front and rear footage together but often the quality of the image is reduced HD images they are reduced to 640 x 640 as in the case of the Falcon Zero F360.

The best type of Dash Cam for Uber Drivers

Personally I have gone for the double type, however, my son who only uses his for personal driving finds a single camera adequate.

The choice is yours but I would recommend a double unit.

All public hire drivers are open to incidents in the back of their vehicle and a video of the whole episode can be a life saver if faced with false accusations or denials.

The costs do vary quite a lot but as you get what you pay for and a good piece of video evidence may save you a fortune or even rescue you from a period behind bars.

I have included a couple of single units and three double units in my comparison.

Can I just say upfront that if you use the links provided when you purchase a product, and I hope that you will, we get a small commission. This helps to pay for the website and keeps it free to our readers.

Dash Cam Features Explained

I have found lots of buzzwords and tech stuff around these products so I’d better start with some brief explanations:

GPS – Is included to provide the location of any accident and the speed of your vehicle.

G Sensor – This senses the g force of an accident and is used to preserve the relevant footage.

Night Vision – Enables filming at night in the case of rear facing cameras infrared lights may be an option for videoing inside the car.

Speed Camera Detection– Provides a warning of speed cameras, other danger warnings may be available.

WIFI – can allow you to transfer wanted footage to your laptop or home PC.

Loop recording – Is an option on most units where once the memory is full the oldest blocks are deleted to make room for the new ones.

Viewing Angle – Is the angle covered by the camera lens usually around 140 degrees.

Power Connection – there are three possible ways to connect power:

  1. Hard wired – a direct connection to the cars electrical system usually used where protection is provided when parking.
  2. Cigarette Lighter connection
  3. USB connection

It is important to ensure that you get the right kit for the connection that you want.

Fixing a DashCam

There are several different ways to fix a dashcam and they are:

  • Over the mirror – This type simply fastens over the top of your existing mirror and has a larger mirror of it’s own. Quick and easy to fix.
  • Suction – These are, as the name implies attached to the windscreen via a sucker. A bit inconvenient if you want to take the camera out every night or to get closer shots of an incident. There is a solution on some cams whereby the camera unit is fastened to a base magnetically so that you can remove it but leave the suction mount in place for fast return.
  • Adhesive – Yes some are simply stuck to the windscreen using a ” glue” provided.


Most cameras provide cables and clips so that you can run the cables to the nearest source of power. Many are designed to be left in place and will start recording as soon as you start the engine. this is good if like me you are a bit forgetful or often in a hurry.

A word of caution I found some of the manufacturers cable clips do not stick well and fall off after a day or two. This is great if they land in your lap whilst you are driving.

I would definitely recommend adding some Command Decoration Clips to your basket when buying a camera. You’ll probably need them and they work better than anything else that I’ve found.

An Added Bonus

Whilst driving with your dashcam you may well catch more than you bargain for.

My son Damian got this bit of footage whilst on his way to work in in the recent floods. He uses a MiVue 518 which is one of the cameras reviewed in the article. It did a good job despite bad light and conditions.

Had his car turned into a boat / submarine this could have been vital insurance evidence.

Choosing The Best Dash Cam for 2017

There is no one camera that is right for everyone it depends on your requirements and the depth of your pocket.

I’ve tried to revue a selection of very varied pieces of kit to give some idea of whats available. Obviously the first decision is single of double cam which will also impact on the cost.

I hope this table will help.

I will be adding links to more detailed reviews of individual cameras in the very near future.

But for now Happy Hunting.

MiVue 518

Falcon Zero 170HQ

Nextbase 312 GW

MiVue 698

Falcon Zero F 360

Transcend Drive Pro 520

Make & Model
Single/Double Single Single Single DOUBLE DOUBLE DOUBLE
View Report Coming Soon Coming Soon Review Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Screen Size 2.4 in 2.7 in 2.7 in 2.7 3.5 in 2.4 in
Attachment Suction Inc' Suction Inc' Suction with Magnet quick release Suction Inc' Fixes Over Mirror Adhesive Supplied Suction extra
Warranty 12 Mths 5 Yrs I Yr 1 yr 1 Yr 2 Yrs
Loop Recording
Night Vision
G Sensor
SD Card Max 128GB Supplied 0GB Max 64GB Supplied 32GB Max 32 GB Supplied 32 GB Max 128 GB 32GB Max 32 GB Supplied 32 GB Max 32 GB Supplied
Viewing Angle 130 deg 170 deg 140 deg 140 deg 120 deg each 130 deg each


Dash Cams are a Must.

As for which are best, that depends on what you want.

For my money I’d go with these two:

    • Single Cam –

    • It must be the Nextbase 312GW . Its won awards from more than one review site including becoming a” Which Best Buy” and is the top selling single camera on Amazon. These accolades are well deserved as you can see by reading the individual review.
    • Dual Cams –

    • Here I’m going for the Transcend DrivePro 520 . In my opinion it’s unbeatable but if you want to save you pocket a bit of cash the Falcon Zero F-360 HD, is well worth the money and will do most of what the average Uber Driver wants.

NOTE – At the time of re-checking the Falcon Zero F-360 HD is out of stock at Amazon.

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