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Bolt Surges Ahead to Challenge Uber

If you are an Uber driver in London and you haven’t looked into working for Bolt then I would seriously recommend that you do it as soon as you can!Bolt hire car

To help you with that here is a link:  CLICK HERE for Driver information

It’s no wonder that 30,00 drivers have been added to the Bolt platform since they launched six months ago.

And with Bolt only taking 15% commission, almost half Ubers rate, I’m sure they will continue to grow in popularity with you guys, the drivers.

What can you expect at Bolt

All drivers undergo background checks and driver training before being allowed onto the Bolt platform.

The Bolt app includes trust-building features that reveal the driver’s photo, name,vehicle type and registration, as well as the driver’s rating, so passengers know who their drivers are before getting in the car.

Both drivers and passengers have multiple support channels at Bolt to voice any concerns ( 24 hour call centre ).

New Vehicle Categories

Last month, Bolt announced the launch of an XL category which gives customers access to larger capacity vehicles, typically SUVs and multi-purpose vehicles.

This category caters for bigger groups of up to six passengers and offers a cheaper alternative to large families for journeys to destinations such as the airport or weekend attractions, when compared to booking two regular private hire cars.

Who are BoltBolt App

Bolt is one of the fastest-growing ride-hailing businesses in the world and has grown to serve more than 30 million customers across 150+ cities in more than 35 countries.

It is also the largest ride-hailing operator in Europe to offer carbon-neutral rides.

In London the number of passengers surged to 1.5 million in December which is a 400% increase since September.

Bolt is the leading European on-demand transportation platform that’s focused on making urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, the company was founded in 2013 by Markus Villig, 25, who is the youngest founder of a unicorn company in Europe.

Bolt is one of the fastest-growing transportation platforms in Europe and Africa and has multiple service offerings including private hire drivers, electric scooter rentals and food delivery.

Its investors include Daimler, Didi Chuxing, Korelya Capital and TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus.

Bolt has more than 30 million users in over 35 countries globally.

OK so that’s enough facts and figures.

If you want to work with an organisation that treats you well and enables you to earn more then I can only say that you have nothing to lose, so check it out!

Bolt Driver Information Link



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