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12 Steps to a Five Star Uber Rating

Your Uber rating has a direct effect on how much you earn so make sure that you get the 5 star rating you deserve.5 Star Uber Rating

In the following 12 steps, where equipment is required, I have offered links to the item that I have found to be best for me.

If you wish to purchase or take a look at these please follow the links as I earn a small commission on any sales which enables me to provide the website free of charge.

I have listed five points for you that will ensure that you get the best rating possible. I hope you will follow them and make the most of your time driving. So here they are:

Your Five Star Uber Car

1. Keep Your Car Mechanically Sound

That’s no rattles, squeaks or bangs. The passengers first impression is of the car and that will influence your ranting. No broken aerials also comes under this heading and definitely no coat hangers acting as aerials.

2. Inside the Car – Clean and Clutter Free.

No ornaments or football supporters stuff and as far as possible no religious or political items. These are a surefire way to turn some passengers against you.

3. Carry a Car Vacuum CleanerUber ratings vacuum

You never know when a passenger is going to drop something such as crisps or manage to cover your seats in hair. So it’s vital to carry a battery powered car vacuum cleaner with you

And make sure you keep it fully charged.

There are lots of battery operated vac’s on the market this one, the Dyson V6, is the one that I always carry and it’s great.

So get one and keep it charged up in the boot. You can’t always go home to clean up and even if you could you will loose valuable driving time.
A clean car is a must. Your Uber ranking has a direct effect on how much you earn so make sure that you get the 5star ranking you deserve.

Additional Equipment

4. Provide an Auxiliary Phone Cable

Uber rating charger
Multi Charger by JZBRAIN

This is a must so that your fare can charge their phone or make calls when their battery is flat.

You will need an adapter for this so that you can connect to most popular phone types.

There are many different types from simple splitter cables to chargers like the JZBRAIN.

Personally I think that the one shown here looks a bit more professional.

This simple bit of kit can really help your customer and make a five-star rating far more likely.


5. Make Your Phone (as a SatNav)  Visible to Yourself and the Passenger.

Uber rating mpow holder
Suction Type Holder by MPOW

Many fares will want to see which way you are going and if they can see the SatNav it will reassure them and so save you from unfair earache about the route.

Uber rating Avantek holder
AVANTEK Grill Mounted Holder

I recommend using your phone or tablet with Google Maps. You will need your phone to run the Uber App and you don’t want to have two screen devices to mount on the dash.

Whichever device you use it must also be securely fastened. I can think of no quicker way to lose ratings than have a phone fall on the floor whilst you are driving and then you struggling to retrieve it.

My favorite type of mount is one that fastens to your heater grill. I prefer this to one on a suction pad because, like me, you don’t want your £300 phone dropping off the dashboard.

6. Smell Nice

This is both yourself and the car. Most of us have to eat in the car but a car that smells is a point loser.

If necessary eat with the windows open or get out and eat. Where there is an odour use a small amount of air freshener, don’t overdo it.

There’s nothing worse than a car that smells overwhelmingly of air freshener and aftershave.

A little is plenty.

7. Use a Bluetoothe Earpiece

Uber ratings earpieceWhen using a SatNav, which we should all do, use it with a Bluetoothe earpiece.

Your fare will be talking, thinking or listening to music they don’t want to hear ” in 100 yards turn right”. a definite killer, and I have heard it, is ” “as soon as possible turn round” this tells your passenger that you’ve screwed up at his expense – you can almost hear the stars falling.

I always wear it in my right ear so that I can here any instructions from my passenger.

8. Provide Alexa ( Amazon Dot) for PassengersUber Ratings Alexa

There are two great reasons for doing this the first is that your fare can play music or ask questions maybe about what to see in the area they are visiting.

The second reason is that it takes  the pressure off you. Alexa can answer the questions that you would otherwise be bombarded with. Make your life easier and the ride experience better.

There are so many things that travelers can ask they are really great fun especially on a long ride.

Just one word of advice, make sure it’s fastened down as they can easily be stolen.

You can connect Alexa via your mobile, it’s dead simple. Follow this link to find out how.

I can assure that it is a real star earner.

Your Behaviour

This may look like a strange category but I think you’ll find that most passengers are awarding stars to you, not just the ride experience. For this reason it will help to make sure that you handle things in a controlled and pleasant manner.

9. Don’t Ask for a Five Star Rating-

Just say ” I hope you enjoyed your journey”. asking is a bit needy.

In any case the fare will probably have decided how to rate you before you even stop.

10. Don’t Knock Uber or the Competition

Being critical of Uber or black cabs or private hire cabs, no matter what they do, does not look professional.

As a professional driver you are above such stuff let others stoop to this level.

11.Master your GPS

Practice with it until you know it backwards and ensure that you input the destination before you set off.

This includes developing a sense for the distances that the SatNav uses like 100 yards, half a mile etc.

There is nothing as disconcerting to a fare as a driver who is trying to punch addresses into the SatNav whilst moving. If you have not been an Uber driver for long I would spend some time learning where all the most popular destination in your area are.

12. Handle Customers Carefully

I have never been one for getting out and opening doors to perfectly healthy fares, but, when I am picking up and old person, a mother struggling with kids or someone with a lot to carry then it is important to get out and offer help.

There will be many times when you will have to say NO! to a customer.uber rating no eating sign

This could be no drinking, no eating, or no more than four in the cab.

I have actually heard a driver shout ” where the hell do you think you are going with that” to a guy carrying a burger in one hand and a pint in the other.

Of course he’s right these things can’t go in the cab, but there are better ways to put it.

And ways that don’t provoke fares who may have had a lot to drink.

The easiest way round it is to start wit ” I’d love to let you eat that in the car but I’m simply not allowed to” or Uber don’t allow it.

In most situations this will divert any “agro” away from you and safeguard your stars.

One Final Thought

Your Uber rating is worked out as an average of the stars awarded to you over your last 500 rides.

Two points about this:

  • Once you have a bad rating it will take a lot of time and good ratings to correct it.
  • It is vital to aim to get good rating from the start. it’s no good thinking I’ll attend to that later.

Happy Driving and Five Star Rankings

Uber driver 5 star ratings



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